Quality Control - Aitlight


(Incoming Quality Control)

Flawless raw materials serve as the premise of our products.

To guarantee outstanding quality and normal functioning, each piece of accessory
and part will go through strict QC processes:

  • S03 OQC
  • S03 Waterproof
  • S03 Sensitometry
  • S03 Sensor


(Outcoming Quality Control)

We managed to guarantee all products shipped to you are in perfect conditions. Before delivery, different products are sent to tests.

  • Lighting Testing
  • Water-proof Testing
  • Sensitometry Testing
  • Motion Sensor Testing

A Third Party Inspection

A third party inspection is required to further enhance our clients' confidence in solar lights. We do everything we can do to promise you good quality solar lights.

We are confident that our products are of the best quality for your market.