Customization- Solar Lights Made Unique - Aitlight
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Solutions For All Environment

Lighting solutions vary from climate, environment and occasions. Communicate with us and we will figure out the most tailored plan for you.

Heat-resistant battery built-in for extreme-heat conditions, like the desert;

Higher conversion efficiency for places where sunlight is not adequate;

Fire-retardant raw materials for outdoor uses.



Industrial Design

No matter you are considering aesthetic or practical factors, we got structural engineers, industrial designers to understand your requirements.

All accessories and parts are designed to its most appropriate position to save raw materials and energy.

Talk to us and we will help designing the products for your customers.


Functions Made to
Your Need

If you have a specific need on inner functions including controlling mode, motion sensor or lighting mode, etc., turn to our engineers for help.

Our programming engineer will help to program PCBA to fulfill functions, differentiating your products from others.


Designed Internal Structure

Using 3D Printing equipment, we are able to deliver the prototype as short as 5 days.

A scientific internal structure is beneficial for saving raw materials and controlling costs within your budget.


Packaging Solutions

We made it your brand.

A well-designed package helps the high-quality products stand out from the others. Our package designer is in charge of differentiating your products --- offer your brand and ideas on the package and you receive the ready-to-ship solar lights.

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Keeps Your Business

We value your intellectual property in the process of our co-creation. Therefore, we sign the confidential agreement with each client to protect:

Your idea of a new solar light;

Your customized moulds;

Your unique opportunity to outshine your competitors.